Patient Resources

To discuss your bill or make payment arrangements in your own language.

EnglishTo discuss your bill or make payment arrangements, please call
SpanishPara discutir su factura o realizar acuerdos de pago en su propio idioma, llame al 860-785-6651
Arabicلمناقشة فاتورتك أو إجراء ترتيبات الدفع بلغتك، يُرجى الاتصال بالرقم 6651785860
PortuguesePara discutir sua conta ou fazer acordos de pagamento em seu próprio idioma, ligue para 860-785-6651
ItalianPer discutere in merito alla bolletta o prendere accordi di pagamento nella tua lingua, chiama il numero 860-785-6651

Middlesex Endoscopy Brochure

Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

Patient Bill of Rights

Good Faith Estimate Notice

Good Faith Estimate for Health Care Items and Services

Information Regarding Good Faith Estimates (“GFE”) for Physician Partners

Family Health Tree – Map out your family health history

ASGE – American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy – Patient Information

Screen 4 Colon Cancer

How to add more fiber to your diet

Advance Directives

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid


The facility takes patient privacy seriously.  The use of cell phones or the taking of pictures or recording of any patient or staff member in the facility including the waiting area is prohibited.  Any patient or visitor that is found taking pictures, or videotaping patients or staff via cell phone or other devices will be asked to delete the recording(s) and refrain from further recording/photography/videography.

Discrimination Policy